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Kavoo merged with ImagineAir and now offer a larger service area, lower prices…

Combining forces, Kavoo and ImagineAir announce a merger between the two companies creating the nation’s largest air taxi service spanning the entire Eastern United States. Kavoo customers can now leverage ImagineAir’s powerful online booking system to quickly reserve and pay for trips all along the East Coast. Fares between city pairs in Kavoo’s service area will fall by an average of 20% to 40%!

Private Air Charter Flights

For less than you might think…

If you’ve ever been stuck in an endless airport line, missed your connection or had to endure multiple layovers to get to a hard-to-reach destination, then you’ve likely yearned for a better way to travel. Commercial airlines just aren’t always the most efficient way to fly. Your time is valuable and shouldn’t be spent camped out in an airport.

Weary travelers are often overheard wishing that private flights were more accessible. Charter flights are typically perceived as big jets on a big budget. But what if there was an air charter company that was different? What if there were private flights designed just for you?

Welcome to Kavoo – the next generation of air charter.

At Kavoo, we understand that time is the one thing that you cannot get back, so we’d like you to spend yours doing what you love. For some of you, this means getting home from a business trip faster to spend time with the family. For others, it means not having to make three commercial connections to get to a 10am meeting. Or maybe it just means being able to work a full day and still get to the beach by sunset. Whatever the reason, Kavoo can treat you to a first class experience on our charter flights, that in many cases, can rival the cost of a first class commercial ticket.

Our private flights can accommodate up to three passengers and have access to the smaller, regional airports that other carriers cannot reach. You’ll no longer find yourself or your family waiting barefoot and beltless on a security line, as Kavoo charter flights depart from private terminals. Our planes all feature luxurious leather seating and full Sirius XM radio, and are captained by experienced, friendly pilots who will make sure to meet your every need from departure to arrival. If you’re flying for a special occasion, your Kavoo travel specialist can arrange other concierge services to provide you a truly “one-of-a-kind” air charter experience.

For business travel, Kavoo charter flights can be the smartest and most cost-efficient way to get to and from many remote locations. When three employees take one of our private flights to a business meeting, we can get them directly to the airport nearest to the meeting and back home for the family dinner. Kavoo allows companies to avoid costly hotel stays, save time and increase productivity

So what are you waiting for? Find out how our next generation air charter is all about you.

Kavoo. It’s about time.